Why go out during a pandemic, when you are unsure of the standards of cleanliness and quality that will be maintained during your absence, you are still paying 10 times the price of a plate and still not sure if you will like it. You can’t be yourself even with close friends/family? Plan your special events for your convenience and stay at home, making sure to turn your fantasy home into a high-end restaurant.

Elitebutlers is the largest online platform for personal chef with culinary experts. Whether you are looking for a formal private dinner with professional table service, a cooking class, event catering, or a birthday party, let our personal chef be a part of your evening. Whether it’s a bachelorette party, private cooking class, wedding catering, or a romantic dinner, it’s all for us.

Hire personal chef – he or she will help you personalize your meals with the calorie count in mind and plan amazing cyclical menus for your guests/clients from the comfort of their own home, while ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and manually selecting food, vegetables, meat, so You don’t need to distract yourself from your busy schedule, leaving behind all the “Let the Master Do Everything for You” worries. Cleaning is an important part of perfect service! The chef and his team ensure that all utensils and cutlery included in the service are left when you find them.

All of our chefs have years of experience in the food industry and have worked in some fantastic hotels and restaurants. For them, it’s a way to share their passion in a more personal way by leaving their formal life behind and using their creativity to prepare food for you in a private cooking environment. It is an enriching experience for both customers and chefs.

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