Hire a Personal Chef

Why would you go out to restaurant where you are not certain of the hygiene and quality standards being followed in your absence, Still paying 10 time of the cost of dishes and still not certain if you would like it. Also not being able to be yourself along with your close friends / family

Plan your special occasion at your convenience and stay home, Stay safe.

Convert you amazing home into a high-end restaurant ” Hire a personal Chef “

He/ She will help you personalize your menu and plan amazing menu for your guest/ clients at the comfort of your home

from ensuring best hygiene standards , handpicking groceries , vegetable , meat to ensure you do not have to divert your time and attention from your busy schedule and leave all worries ” Let the master handle it all for you”

Your personal chef will arrive few hours prior to your private dining experience and begin preparing the menu agreed upon.

If you wish to learn new traits do join them and learn new recipes from your chef.

The chef and his/her team will take care of the table service, walking you through every detail involved in each dish so you can have a unique private dining experience in the comfort of your own home.

With our discreet and professional service, we guarantee you and your guests can enjoy the night with nothing to worry about!

Clean up is an essential part of an impeccable service! Before leaving, the chef and his/her team will make sure all the equipment and dinnerware involved in the service will be left as you found them.

We at Elitebutlers, ‘serve to match the best in the industry.’

Elitebutlers is the first dedicated HNWI (High net-worth Individual) household staffing agency based in India.

With a trust-worthy & professional network of dedicated staff around the globe, you can reinstate your trust in our commitment that we strive to recruit high integrity-candidates that meet the unique needs of your family and give them 360 degree training to polish the skills required to serve you better. 

Whether it’s a Butler, Estate Managers, Personal Chefs, or a Nanny and Housekeeper, we’re here to help.

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