Hire a lifestyle manager

Who is a lifestyle manager?

In simple words, a Lifestyle Manager is a professional who manages your lifestyle while you make it big in your career for yourself and your family. Indeed, even straightforward errands, like booking a café can become a hassle.

A lifestyle manager is someone who does exactly as the title suggests – manages lifestyles! They can be employed by organizations to help visitors or clients, overseeing solicitations and booking travel, transportation, eateries, venues and suppliers. The job of a lifestyle manager involves interaction with different people in different industries; it requires a strong understanding of human behaviour along with an ability to connect with people on a personal level as and when required.

Our Lifestyle Managers also have a strong understanding of various industries and strong networking abilities to build a healthy relationship with people as and when required.

What does a lifestyle manager do to make one’s life easier?

A lifestyle manager executes various duties and responsibilities which as a result makes one’s life schedule better and easier at the same time. From taking care of one’s diet requirements to scheduling one’s travel plans and official trips- a lifestyle manager takes care of everything; a personal assistant or a safety assistant or an executive assistant, a Lifestyle Manager covers all. Here’s a short list of duties that a lifestyle manager performs:

Personal Duties

Since a lifestyle manager deals with the way of life of a particular individual, performing individual obligations for the business is sometimes a piece of the gig capability. These include getting things done, planning arrangements, driving and making individual travel courses of action for the business.

Office duties

There are administrative obligations related to a lifestyle manager. This incorporates answering calls and e-mails, faxes and blog entries for the business, if and when relevant. They additionally organize plans for conferences and travel.

Technical responsibilities

To be entrusted with dealing with one’s day-to-day private requirements, a professional working on this front should be adroit. Along with working as specialized office gear for the business, a Lifestyle Manager dominates PC applications, including word handling, information bases, email and Internet access and route.

In addition to fulfilling the above-mentioned duties, Lifestyle Managers at elite butlers also add the following set of skills to their performance:

Strong Communication Skills: Lifestyle managers communicate with various individuals, including clients, supervisors, representatives and merchants. They utilize their relational abilities to convey thoughts, answer questions and resolve issues.

Leadership Skills: Lifestyle managers frequently work with a group of different experts, like health specialists, nutritionists and fitness coaches. These experts might have various degrees of involvement and expertise, so lifestyle managers are trained well enough to be able to lead their team effectively.

Time management Skills: Lifestyle managers frequently need to deal with various undertakings immediately. Time usage abilities assist them with focusing on their undertakings and completing them within a specific time.

Problem-solving Skills: Lifestyle managers frequently work with a group of different experts to make a healthy lifestyle for their employer. This can incorporate nutritionists, health specialists, finance assistants and many more.

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