Hire a housekeeper

Worried about the cleaning and maintaining your private residence or your dream office / commercial building and provides a comfortable space for residents or employees. We at Elitebutlers are here to help.

Depending on your requirements and expectations, we will help you design a customized package for you!

Elitebutlers housekeeping candidates will assist you with duties and responsibilities as per your requirement.

Cleaning and sanitizing toilets, showers/bathtubs, countertops, and sinks, Maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen area, Making beds and changing linens, Washing windows, Vacuuming and cleaning carpets and rugs, Sweeping/vacuuming, polishing, and mopping hard floors, Sorting, washing, loading, and unloading laundry, Ironing clothing items

Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces, emptying trash receptacles and disposing of waste, Steaming and cleaning draperies, washing blinds, Tidying up rooms.

Elitebutlers is the first dedicated HNWI (High net-worth Individual) household staffing agency based in India.

With a trust-worthy & professional network of dedicated staff around the globe, you can reinstate your trust in our commitment that we strive to recruit high integrity-candidates that meet the unique needs of your family and give them 360 degree training to polish the skills required to serve you better. 

Whether it’s a Butler, Estate Managers, Personal Chefs, or a Nanny and Housekeeper, we’re here to help.

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