Hire a Butler

What is it like to have a butler? 

High-end luxury hotels, UHNWI, HNWI’s across the globe have one unique feature which sets them apart from other accommodation rentals – A dedicated, trustworthy and multi-tasking employee who serves them- the “butler” aka the “jack of all trades” of the hospitality industry. 

Butler– one individual who wears many hats- the one who knows the way, shows the way or goes all the way for the guest. 

A typical butler (he/she) across the spectrum is more like a personal assistant, chef, sommelier, event planner, guide, chauffer..

you name it, it will be done sir/ma’am says the butler) 

In today’s fast-paced world having a butler can be a blessing in disguise. You will not have to worry about back-end operations at your work place as the operational difficulties or glitches would be handled even before you ask. Anticipation and keeping a key-eye for detailing is the characteristic strength of a good Butler.

So, if you are planning to hire one soon you can reach out to Elitebutlers….

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About Elite Butlers

We at Elitebutlers, ‘serve to match the best in the industry.’

Elitebutlers is the first dedicated HNWI (High net-worth Individual) household staffing agency based in India.

With a trust-worthy & professional network of dedicated staff around the globe, you can reinstate your trust in our commitment that we strive to recruit high integrity-candidates that meet the unique needs of your family and give them 360 degree training to polish the skills required to serve you better. 

Whether it’s a Butler, Estate Managers, Personal Chefs, or a Nanny and Housekeeper, we’re here to help.

Hire Butler, Hire Babysitters, Hire Estate Manager, Hire Chauffeur, Hire Front Office, Hire Housekeeper 

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