Hire a House Manager/ Estate Manager

Still concerned about managing your Estate / Farmhouse ? Not sure who can manage it just like you.

We at Elitebutlers are here to help 🙂

Your House / Estate Manager will bring along an array of skills typical of a high-level manager.

He/She will manager your property, staff, contractors, maintainace , contracts, errands, etc etc ..

Your manager will position himself whilst ensuring that all parts of the estate are running smoothly. Also accurately assess both the quality of the estate’s upkeep and the performance of individual employees.

He/She will motivate your support staff and ensure that they will be proud of their work and give it their all.

Elitebutlers is the first dedicated HNWI (High net-worth Individual) household staffing agency based in India.

With a trust-worthy & professional network of dedicated staff around the globe, you can reinstate your trust in our commitment that we strive to recruit high integrity-candidates that meet the unique needs of your family and give them 360 degree training to polish the skills required to serve you better. 

Whether it’s a Butler, Estate Managers, Personal Chefs, or a Nanny and Housekeeper, we’re here to help.

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