Are you looking for reliable experts who carry out and coordinate administrative activities in the office/household?

We will help you in your search! Management / personal assistant acts as a filter, the first point of contact and reflection of the company and owners. Personal assistants can be responsible for many tasks, including planning family vacations, filling out student applications, managing health insurance, managing staff, and overseeing budgets for multiple residences.

As an assistant, he or she must have extensive knowledge of the organization, must also know key people (external and internal), and understand the goals and objectives of the organization. Execution of specific projects and studies and responsible for bookkeeping and budgeting;

Make decisions and delegate work to others in the manager’s absence;

Secretarial work along with other responsibilities of recruiting and training junior staff and delegating less demanding and confidential work to them.

Are you planning to hire a personal assistant for you? Let’s work together. A personal assistant does more than help you – they represent you. At Elitebutlers, we take this very seriously and have a wide range of personal assistants. Each assistant has unique skills and experience to better serve your needs. Contact us today to hire your perfect assistant.

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